Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dive into the Never-ending Beauty of Kollam Lakes

Kollam, formerly known as Quilon, is widely popular for its enchanting and serene lakes. Another thing which draws visitors to this captivating city is its sea food. But, let’s keep our focus intact on the lakes of this beautiful city. Following are couple of Kollam Lakes that showcase the surrealistic splendour of this city:

Ashtamudi Lake:

Gentle breeze and pleasant climate can enhance your houseboat trip around the Ashtamudi Lake. It is a heavenly destination for non-sailors. The overall experience is so great that everyone should travel in a houseboat on this lake at least once in their lifetime. The Ashtamudi Lake got its name from eight channels that are its gateway to the backwaters. Located in Kollam district, Ashtamudi is immensely popular for its panoramic and magnificent views. If you love a calm and peaceful destination, then you should definitely visit this lake. The houseboat trip around this lake is one of the major Kollam attractions among tourists. 

Surrounded by hills on three sides except on the southern side, Sasthamkotta comes into the league of the largest freshwater lakes in Kerala. The ancient and historical Sastha Temple lends its name to the town, which has gradually turned into an important pilgrim destination for devotees from different parts of India. A major part of this part has now been reclaimed for agriculture.